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Core's most-read blogs of the year

By Lucy Wright

As 2019 draws to an end, we're looking back over our most-read blogs of the year so you can see our most useful blogs all in one place. 

1. How to restrict access to Office 365 through Microsoft's Conditional Access

Consistently our most popular article, Core's Cloud and Infrastructure Manager, Stephen Hynes, offers a solution to the potential security issue of enabling anywhere/anytime access to Office 365 as part of mobile working. A must-read for anyone who wants to know how to avoid the security pitfalls of mobile working, this blog also explains how to lock down access to Office 365,


2. Can I replace ADFS with AD Connect Seamless Sign-On?

Find out how to replace ADFS with AD Connect Seamless Sign-On, in this detailed article from Cloud and Infrastructure Manager, Stephen Hynes, which also outlines the benefits of SSO and includes FAQs.

3. The history of Microsoft Word

More than a billion people worldwide use Microsoft Office and Microsoft Word is an integral part of the productivity suite. Find out how Microsoft Word came into being, in this blog which looks at the history of the world's most popular word processing platform.

4. The severe ramifications of failing to comply with GDPR

Since GDPR came into effect in May 2018, businesses have wanted to know the ramifications of failing to comply with the regulation. In this article, we look at the implications and potential fines that could be imposes for organisations that don't comply with GDPR, as well as sorting fact from fiction and being clear on what you don't really need to worry about.

5. How much do Managed Services cost?

A useful read for any organisation interested in outsourcing their IT to a Managed Service Provider, this blog looks at the costs, pros, cons and considerations of using managed services. 

6. How much does an intranet cost?

Thinking of replacing or getting an intranet for the first time? In this blog, we look at the potential costs of an intranet so you can budget and ensure a successful intranet project in your organisation. 

7. Examples of Managed Services

What are managed services? Our seventh most-read blog explains the different elements to help organisations understand the concept and assess whether managed services is the right model for them.

8. The seven key benefits of using Office 365 for business

Find out the key benefits businesses can expect to see from using Microsoft's cloud-based productivity suite, Office 365, in our eighth most-read blog of the year.

9. Office 365 feature: What is flow?

Written by our Senior Presales Consultant, Jessica Meats, this blog looks at the features of Microsoft Flow, explaining how the platform can be used to create workflows and weighing including how it can be used to create useful workflows, and weighs up the pros and cons of the software.

10. Does free Desktop as a Service exist?

Search for free Desktop as a Service and chances are you'll get lots of results from companies claiming to offer the service free of charge. But what's the real cost of using a 'free' service? And is it too good to be true? This blog answers those questions and more.

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