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If It Ain't Pembroke, Don't Fix It - Season 1 Episode 1 featuring Natalie Tarrant

By Core Newsroom

IIt’s Friday the 13th and what better date to launch a new podcast! (Sorry Mark, we didn’t think this through and actually hope it goes well 😃) The era of Reid Only Access is over, and we have a new podcast, If It Ain’t Pembroke, Don’t Fix It, with our superstar host, Mark Pembroke! Season 1, Episode 1, features Core Account Manager, Natalie Tarrant, who funnily enough, started at Core on Friday the 13th, 6 years ago! Join us for a Friday giggle as these two reminisce on things Nat wishes she never said, what they wish they could leave in Room 101 (ahem, we mean Room 102), and what they love and miss about working from home.

Through this podcast, we hope you get to know the #OneCore team better, and understand why we have such a strong culture that is one of the reasons we are a CRN Best Company to Work For finalist!


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