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Making your security our number one priority

Having a secure environment is now the number one priority for every business leader, as the demand for increasing productivity and growth, and the threat of potential attack, is increasing security spending by up to 25%.

More businesses than ever are utilising cloud technologies to make them agile, future-proof and more productive, but these modern ways of working present challenges that can leave IT departments exposed.

Your risk profile will vary depending on the industry you’re in, which is why at Core, we like to have the complete end-to-end view of any threats you might face; from viruses, to emails, to data.

As we are powered by Microsoft 365, we can have a unified view of our systems management to not just understand the risks to your estate, but also track any intrusions that might be trying to break through.

Microsoft has increased their security investments over the past few years and is currently one of the best security providers available today.

We know that many of our customers are already tied into endpoint security contracts. And while we can work with you using these third parties, we recommend using Microsoft security – which is interwoven with Windows 10 – as it enables us to monitor the complete picture of your enterprise.

Our Security Workshop is the perfect starting point for organisations that want to review and optimise their IT security and helps you realise the value of Microsoft Security and Microsoft 365 in your business.





Security (002)

We focus on your data security

Years ago, the standard process after buying a new device, configuring it, and deploying it, was to put up a firewall. However, the assumption that a secure perimeter firewall cannot be breached is no longer correct. Unfortunately, firewalls can and will be breached – it’s just a case of when.

While having a firewall is important, your data security shouldn’t stop there. Mobile devices can be targets of a data breach - dialling in from home or a local coffee shop are typical examples where data could leak.  Also, not all threats to data are external.  Some may come from inside your firewall.

Because perimeter defence alone is no longer adequate, our focus is on ensuring you don’t lose control of your data.

We can offer you a firewall solution that saves you money. By working with you to discuss the services and security points you need, we can build you a flexible, tailored solution.


Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security (EM&S)

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility & Security is an intelligent mobility management and security platform. It helps protect and secure your organisation and empowers your employees to work in new and flexible ways.


Data Encryption (002)

Data Encryption

Data encryption done right is your last defence – and it’s where we start, with a focus on data-first security.

Even if your firewall isn’t trustworthy (for example if you’re working remotely) and your device has a virus, as long as the data on your machine is encrypted, we can ensure only authorised accounts are able to see it.

This means that if someone breaks into your network and takes one of these encrypted files, it won’t be readable, and you retain control of that data.

Through data encryption, you maintain control of not just your files, but who can access them – you always have control of your data, even outside of your firewall.

So, even if any of your users accidentally leave a laptop or USB stick on public transport, the files and data stored on these devices remain protected.

Data encryption therefore addresses the huge issue of data control, especially on things like USB sticks.

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Detection and Prevention

Having a Microsoft end-to-end security system is the best way forward as it enables us to monitor what’s going on with your security and see whether any of your data is at risk.

We can see how someone logs in, where they’re logging in from, and on what device. We can see whether things are low or high risk (such as someone logging in on an unusual device in a different country) and issue challenges based on the level of risk.

The two-factor authentication – requesting a username and password – is an example of this.

And our detection and prevention continues even after someone has logged into your system. Through AI, we can build a profile for how a user typically operates, and determine patterns of behaviour. If ever this behavioural pattern changes, we can look into this and act if necessary.

Should we detect any suspicious activity, users can be denied access, and we can even block compromised or suspicious machines.

While it’s tricky to create rules that capture unusual behaviour, we can look at patterns of what is normal, and step in when things deviate from this.


Data Loss

Data loss isn’t always the result of a malicious breach. Quite often it happens when laptops are left on trains, emails are forwarded to unsecure accounts (such as Hotmail), or even when someone leaves an organisation and takes data with them.

It’s therefore essential that your data doesn’t leave your control.

Microsoft’s security is able to tackle everything, from authentication, to protection, to monitoring behaviours – giving you the complete picture of your systems, and ensuring you retain control of your data.

And we also include steps such as rights management to help prevent data loss.

It means that even if there’s an attack on your data at night or over the weekend – when your IT isn’t there – your data is always protected.

Core is on hand to interpret the risks and determine what is needed. When we see a major incident, our Service Desk analyses what’s happened, likely risk to data, and build a picture of how the threat developed.

This means that with Core, you have security protection and an incident response team on hand in case of any breaches.




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