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Enterprise software solution delivering the four pillars of modern digital workplaces

Our partner Beezy is an award-winning, enterprise software solution which integrates Office 365 and SharePoint to create intuitive intranets. Beezy intranets are designed to deliver collaboration, communication, knowledge and processes at the core of their solutions. These four pillars contribute to their mission of unifying the modern digital workplace.

Communities are at the core of Beezy, enabling teams to collaborate, communicate and participate in relevant activities; Beezy ensures they are creating a workplace that employees would love.

The world’s largest SharePoint environments are benefiting from the functionality of the intelligent modern workplace Beezy provides, which has led to their Microsoft Gold Partner status.


Beezy provides a world-class user experience that makes your workplace environment highly engaging and efficient


An intelligent workplace puts teams on the same page at the speed of light regardless of where they are located.


An intelligent workplace delivers corporate information to the right audience and generates engagement.


An intelligent workplace captures knowledge as people get their work done and re-surfaces it at the right time and in the right context.


An intelligent workplace connects and automates the different tools that employees are using and speeds up their daily routines.

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