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We are on a mission to deliver innovative business transforming technology solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.

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Our values guide us in everything we do and help shape our culture and customer approach. Find out more about our values and meet some of our team.

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As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we’ve been at the centre of the revolutionary changes that technology has brought to every aspect of life and we continue to stand by their side at the centre of tomorrow’s digital transformations.

Microsoft Solutions Partner

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We have successfully built relationships with multiple partners that prepare businesses for the future.

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We understand our environmental responsibilities as a UK business and IT Managed Service Provider, and we understand how important it is for our customers to partner with responsible providers.


Our team is made up of a diverse group of people from all around the world, and we all have one thing in common: we’re passionate about providing our customers with outstanding solutions.

Thinking of selling your IT business?

Core is a well funded Microsoft Solutions Partner with a 30 year history of being at the heart of control in IT.

We are supported by our bankers and have funds available for strategic business acquisitions. Together with our successful acquisition track record and a commitment to making deals happen, now is the perfect time to talk to us if you are considering selling your IT business.

If you are interested in discussing a potential exit of your IT business, please complete the form on the right. All correspondence will be treated in the strictest of confidence and a mutual non-disclosure agreement will be exchanged prior to any discussions taking place.

Interactive Microsoft workshops

Our workshops are designed to help you realise the value of Microsoft technologies in your business, gain real value from your investment and transform the way you work.

The workshops are a collaborative and immersive experience; our experts will work with you to identify your business objectives and establish the Microsoft technologies to help you achieve them.

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Our range of workshops covers every aspect of the modern workplace including productivity, collaboration, identity, security and compliance and communication, with interactive and engaging sessions that bring the art of the possible to life.

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MCI Workshop Introduction

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Discover why Core is the first choice for many organisations looking to add flexibility, efficiency, and expertise to their teams.

Cloud Technology

From Microsoft’s leading platforms to bespoke cloud solutions, Core’s range of cloud technology solutions covers everything the modern workplace needs.

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Whichever challenges you face on your digital journey, Core's professional services team has a solution to help, from IT Project Management to our innovative Smart Services.

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Certified secure solution for the public sector, providing a reliable, flexible, secure and affordable IT solution.

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Certified commercial sector solutions, covering all your commercial needs from financial and legal services, through to manufacturing.

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Learn how technology can help to balance productivity with wellbeing for Frontline Workers.

White paper: How technology is revolutionising the health and productivity of frontline workers

Why customers choose us

Since we were founded in 1990 and started our Microsoft journey, we have supported over 10,000 customers on their communications and collaboration projects, and with the introduction of Microsoft's cloud technology, have grown our capabilities significantly across Microsoft 365 and Azure.

What sets us apart is a talented and passionate team who truly love what they do, demonstrating boundless enthusiasm and dedication in every single project.


"It was apparent from day one that Core had a depth of knowledge in Microsoft 365, which we simply hadn’t found anywhere else."

Greater London Authority

"Core has a lot of experience working with the public sector, which was definitely a benefit."

Angel Trains

"There’s such a good working relationship with Core, it’s like having another permanent person in our organisation."


"We had a really good, down to earth relationship with a few of the guys, and they know what they are doing."

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Core NewsroomJan 19, 2023 3:17:38 PM3 min read

Are you making the most out of your IT systems?

With the ongoing economic uncertainties, businesses are understandably looking for ways to tighten their belts when it comes to outgoings. While many are not necessarily looking to begin large IT projects, many are severely under-using what they already have at their disposal in terms of technology.

Businesses, and IT systems, often evolve organically, and this can often result in inefficiencies slowly being baked into a system over time, usually without anyone in the organisation even aware of the extent of the inefficiencies that exist.

More and more businesses are looking at how they can “do more with less”; and there’s no better time than the present to conduct an assessment of your existing licensing arrangements and systems to ensure you are getting the most out of them, eliminating redundancies, and setting yourself up to support ongoing business growth.

Calculate your savings

Microsoft offer a number of resources that will help you to identify underlying cost savings for your organisation. Sign-up for one of our “Do More with Less” workshops to learn how to use our Value Calculator to discover and capture specific savings opportunities for your business.

Solving problems

Technology roadmap assessment - book now

Conducting an audit of your technology systems is a good opportunity to expose some of those hidden issues lurking under the surface in your existing processes. This can help you identify where time is being unnecessarily lost due to staff grappling with IT problems.

Likewise, this also presents a chance to examine your existing IT processes, and see where they can be easily and cost effectively streamlined and improved. Time spent doing so is a valuable investment, as not only can you identify changes that can be made with immediate effect, but it also allows you to draw a roadmap of future improvements down the line.

Core’s “Technology Roadmap Assessment” will help you bring these ideas to life and understand exactly how Microsoft 365 can empower you to deliver positive impact. Book your free assessment here.

Utilising unused features

There are a host of different systems and programmes that nearly every business relies on to some extent. However, there is a good chance that your business is simply not making the most of what these powerful technologies have to offer and missing out as a result.

Software and licenses can often come with a considerable price tag, so it is vital you are getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to using them. Conducting a thorough assessment, especially with the assistance of a professional IT consultant can be helpful for identifying under-utilised features that could bring substantial benefits to day-to-day workflow and productivity, while ensuring you use the tools at your disposable to the fullest.

Identifying opportunities for automation

How much time each day or each week do you and your employees spend on time consuming tasks, that while necessary, do not add value to the business? For example, a task like document management can be incredibly time and labour intensive, while doing little to really drive the business forward.

Carrying out an IT assessment can help you to highlight these areas that are ripe for automation, freeing up more time for those activities and tasks which generate both value and profit for your organisation.

Uncover security risks

All businesses benefit from safe and secure systems, which is why conducting an IT audit is a good time to identify any flaws or vulnerabilities in your technology making you prone to cyber threats. Ensuring everything is properly up to date means you can benefit from security patches, keeping your business’ and clients’ data secure.

While every organisation will benefit from enhanced security measures, for some sectors, robust security is absolutely vital, especially those that deal with especially sensitive data. Taking the time to ensure access and permissions are all relevant and up to date can pay off in the long run.

Enlisting the experts

There are huge benefits to conducting an audit of your IT systems, especially at the start of the year. Setting yourself up to make the most of what is already at your disposal, as well as identifying quick and easy improvements can really boost both productivity and efficiency.

However, this naturally comes with an investment of time, and requires the expertise to spot these opportunities. A good managed service provider possesses industry experts with immense experience in doing just this, saving you the time, and granting you expert insight for a fraction of the normal cost of such expertise.

Talk to us today to find out about opportunities for efficiency and cost reduction in your business, so you can focus on what you do best. Email hello@core.co.uk to request a complimentary consultation with one of our specialists.


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