Improve employee engagement with an intranet

By Lucy Wright - December 13, 2018

Good employee engagement is essential for an organisation to be successful. Staff need to feel motivated, inspired and like they make a real contribution if they're to be as productive as possible.

An intranet is a key way of activating employee engagement, which can lead to higher moral, better employee retention and improved productivity in your organisation.

Here’s how a having an intranet can improve employee engagement…

Colleague recognition

People love being recognised for their work, and even more so if it's in a public forum in front of their colleagues. An intranet is the perfect place for colleagues to praise one another, which boost morale and gives individuals incentive to work hard and fully engage with the organisation.

Quick and easy collaboration

Intranets let staff collaborate and work on projects together which creates a sense of teamwork. Because many people can work on the same project at the same time, there is impetus for people to perform and deliver their best work due to having an 'audience'. In this way, an intranet gets the best out of people and makes them more engaged.

Connecting teams

An intranet can connect teams within an organisation, which is especially important if they are spread across multiple locations. Having a shared platform where people can engage in conversation about both work and non-work related topics creates a feeling of unity. It also lets staff feel more connected to management and each other by creating an open and constantly changing dialogue.

Share the company vision

An intranet is the perfect place to relay the company vision and get everyone on the same page. Communicating this to staff helps individuals understand how the work they do will help the company achieve its goals, which is bound to bolster engagement.

Creating an identity

People want to be proud of the company they work for and its brand identity. An intranet can be a reflection of your organisation and feature company branding, like logos and colours.

How can Core help with your intranet?

Core are specialists in creating and building powerful and attractive intranets. To chat to us about our intranet services, drop us a line. To read our other blogs on intranets, click here.




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