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Elevating Your Organisation's Productivity Landscape with Microsoft Copilot

By Core Newsroom

Many are asking the question, what is Microsoft Copilot, and how can it improve productivity workflows? In the realm of cutting-edge technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer, with innovations like ChatGPT4 and Microsoft Copilot making waves. The integration of AI in our daily lives and work processes has seen a remarkable surge, ushering in unprecedented improvements.

In this dynamic landscape, Microsoft stands at the forefront of AI evolution. They've been pivotal in shaping technologies like ChatGPT4, harnessing these insights to enhance their existing suite of Microsoft Cloud offerings.

A noteworthy development unfolded in February 2023 when Microsoft seamlessly integrated ChatGPT4 into the new-generation Microsoft Bing search platform, embedded within the latest versions of Microsoft Edge. The recent unveiling of Bing Chat Enterprise at Microsoft Inspire showcases Microsoft's dedication to innovation.

Now, Microsoft sets its sights on revolutionising the Microsoft 365 experience through the introduction of Microsoft Copilot. This AI Assistant is poised to redefine how users tackle their daily tasks, spanning document creation, email comprehension, summarisation, and even presentation design. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as the technology's potential continues to unfurl.

Secure, compliant and productiveillo-productivity

Nestled within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, Copilot will seamlessly inherit your organisation's core security protocols, compliance measures, privacy directives, and authentication layers. This makes the integration effortless, while ensuring your data remains secure and compliant.

The versatility of Copilot finds its canvas across various corners of the Microsoft 365 Office suite. Among the many remarkable instances, a standout use case is witnessed in Microsoft Excel. Here, Copilot emerges as a reliable companion, aiding users in dissecting data, identifying trends, and uncovering insights. The essence of Microsoft Copilot lies in liberating users from mundane, repetitive tasks, consequently fostering a surge in operational efficiency.

With mundane tasks delegated to Copilot's capable AI hands, users are empowered to focus on their more engaging endeavours. This results in reduced time spent on research for business queries and related information.

Beyond elevating productivity, Microsoft Copilot offers a treasure trove of business-centric data. Features like Business Chat ingeniously tap into this data repository, enabling swift information retrieval across your organisation.

Diverse capabilitiesM365-Apps-1024x837

Some of the real-world applications of Microsoft Copilot many people are looking forward to include:

Copilot in Microsoft Outlook: Aiding in summarising lengthy email chains, expediting responses, flagging pivotal messages, and refining message tone.

Copilot in Microsoft Teams: Enabling streamlined planning, agenda creation, discussion organisation, and actionable formulation. In virtual meetings, Copilot can readily offer real-time conversation summaries, feedback on opinions shared, and identification of lingering queries. Even absentee participants can rely on Copilot to provide a comprehensive meeting recap and a list of ensuing tasks.

Copilot in Word: Crafting and revising documents more efficiently. Copilot suggests textual enhancements and can even compose initial drafts. It's akin to having an AI collaborator that creates drafts based on diverse sources, allowing for document editing and stylistic adjustments.

Copilot in PowerPoint: Transforming ideas into presentations, saving hours of work in the process. Copilot can convert Word documents into draft slides, supplemented by speaker notes. This dynamic interplay of AI enhances the presentation creation process.

Reshaping our technology landscape

The potential efficiencies that Copilot introduces are truly captivating. Imagine unlocking newfound opportunities to dedicate your energies to tasks that bring you joy and fulfilment within your organisation.

Microsoft is unwavering in its commitment to refining Copilot's capabilities. As the technology matures, it will further integrate with the Microsoft 365 suite. While M365 Copilot might not yet be universally accessible, particularly in tightly regulated industries, Satya Nadella, Microsoft's CEO, envisions it as "the next major step in the evolution of how we interact with computing." This sentiment underscores Copilot's significance in reshaping the technological landscape. As Copilot evolves, it's prudent to explore its potential for your organisation, ensuring you're poised to embrace its capabilities the moment they become available.

To find out more about how Core Technology Systems can maximise the value from your investment in Microsoft technology, request a complimentary Technical Roadmap Assessment today.

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