How (and why) to become a Core partner

By Lucy Sharman

In this post, I talk about how to become a Core partner and why it could help your business.

Joining partner networks provides a huge range of benefits, from increased revenue to acquiring new customers and accessing new technologies. For the past 30 years’, Core have worked in partnership with countless businesses around and have seen just how powerful this kind of network can be. And that’s why we’ve built our own programme – to help our partners grow, while also learning from them to make even better products.

As a Microsoft cloud managed services provider, we are a trusted advisor to our clients. It’s important that we work with and recommend only “best of breed” technologies for the challenge at hand. Core not only provides the tech you need, but our partner program will support your client engagements from end to end.

How joining the Core Partner Programme helps you

When you join our partner programme, you get access to the latest technology, exclusive training and demos, and support from Core. Our programme is divided into three tiers which provide different levels of commitment - and parallel benefits. As your business works together with Core, you can expect to see the following benefits to help make the most of your membership:

Exclusive training

To get the most out of Core – for you and your customers – it’s essential to understand how our services and solutions work. We’ll provide your teams with valuable training, helping you to provide your customers with a better service.

Advanced support

Core provides our partners with additional support services on the Microsoft technology stack. A dedicated partner coordinator and Microsoft technical specialist also work with you to ensure success for you and your customers.

A direct line for communication and feedback

We love hearing from our partner network. You are experts in our field, the ones who spend their days servicing your customers, so you know exactly what businesses in different sectors need from their technology solutions. Partners can submit feedback to our team about specific needs and challenges you’ve encountered. We take your feedback into consideration and make updates to our offerings to make you and your clients more successful.

Marketing and sales support

When you win, we win. We know how important collateral is in the sale of B2B technology products, and so we’ve produced an extensive range of ready-made marketing content and sales collateral to help you communicate the benefits of Core solutions and services to potential customers.

Communication Core's Partner Programme: the three tiers

Depending on the size and focus of your business, you might find it valuable to explore the different tiers we make available.

For small to medium-sized IT providers who work primarily with small customers, starting with our ‘Registered’ or ‘Registered +’ levels may well provide all you need to begin with. However, as you progress, or if you work with enterprise-level customers, selecting our ‘Certified’ or ‘Premier’ tiers might work best for you.

Tier 1: Registered

Refer Core's solutions to your customers for financial incentives and cement your status as a trusted advisor

Tier 2: Certified

Packaged offerings and tailored marketing to help you sell and implement Core's solutions alongside other services and products that compliment Core's offering

Tier 3: Strategic

Registered and Certified partner benefits plus access to technical support to ensure our technologies are effortlessly integrated, joint business vision creation and quarterly business review

Join the Core Partner Programme today 

Partnerships offer businesses so many benefits – from new technology to customers to increased revenue. At Core, we built our partner network to be as straightforward and hassle-free as possible to help your business, and your clients’, succeed and grow with ease.





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