The Impact of Hybrid Working

By Core Newsroom

If you doubt hybrid working is the new normal, think again. A recent report from Microsoft provides some interesting figures on how the modern workforce has adapted to flexible working from any location and what an impact it would have if that was taken away. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the key takeaways.

Microsoft report that, over half (51%) of UK hybrid workers would consider alternative employment should their hybrid working model be taken away. That’s a significant amount of the UK workforce who are content with the way they now work.


For businesses looking to capitalise on that figure, Microsoft also provide the technology to make it happen. With recent releases of Windows 365 (the virtualised desktop aimed at end users), as well as InTune, Teams, and Microsoft Viva, it’s clear Microsoft’s Modern Workplace continues to be embraced, expanded, and is making a difference.


According to the report, 59 per cent of HR decision-makers agree that hybrid working has had a positive effect on the mental wellbeing of staff, and was prompted following a report from the Office for National Statistics suggesting that the number of resignations and job-to-job moves is at its highest peak in two decades.


However, there are two sides to every coin. While hybrid working allows businesses to tap into resource pools beyond standard commuting limits, processes such as onboarding are being adapted to suit scenarios where that critical first-day impression goes as smoothly as it possibly can. With 36% of UK workers who started a new job during the pandemic experiencing their first day remotely, these processes are key to ensuring the successful deployment and development of a hybrid workplace. The good news is that it is all achievable with the right people, and the right technology.


Perhaps this is where Microsoft see their latest employee experience platform making a huge difference. Microsoft Viva serves the organisation by streamlining processes, including onboarding, and providing a direct channel for employees to give feedback.


We are working towards a scenario where it is no longer a question of ‘does your organisation offer hybrid working’ but more, ‘how well does your organisation deliver hybrid working?’


If you’d like to talk to us about Microsoft Viva, or any of the Microsoft Modern Workplace technologies, click here to arrange a time with one of our Modern Workplace specialists. We’ll even provide you with the managed service wrap options to take the cost and headache away from your internal teams.

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