Modern Workplace Productivity Gains - Episode 3 - Collaboration

By Core Newsroom

Enabling remote working is essential in today's modern workplace and a critical part of any businesses resilience strategy.

Modern workplace technologies like Microsoft 365 and Teams are an integral part of enabling remote working and changing the way you collaborate. With the right tools in place, your teams can work together at any time, from any location; the days of needing to be in the office are gone. 

In this video series, brought to you by our Microsoft Solutions Expert, Kat Greenan, and Client Solutions Director, Eamon McGann, we explore the productivity gains you can expect from using modern workplace technology like Microsoft 365 and Teams.

In this episode, Kat explains how modern workplace tech can enable collaboration to boost productivity and enable you to respond and adapt to changing business landscapes. 

To find out how modern workplace technology from Microsoft can transform the way your teams work together, book a Teamwork Assessment with Core.

Our experts will identify opportunities to enable teamwork and collaboration in your organisation through the deployment of Microsoft Teams and provide structured support as you journey to becoming a modern workplace. 



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