National Autistic Society - Case Study

By Core Newsroom - October 21, 2019

The National Autistic Society replace out-of-date systems with a new intranet complete with integrated document management

The National Autistic Society is the foremost organisation in the United Kingdom for people with autism and their carers, with a head office in London and 60 sites throughout the UK. The charity had been using Microsoft Office and shared networks to store and share documents, but as the number of documents neared 1,000, the system was could no longer cope.

The charity decided to replace this out-of-date system with a new intranet complete with integrated document management.

“Core has helped us out with many projects over the past 14 years - we’re now using their managed services, which we’re very happy with. We know we have more to do: we want to develop alongside Core and by having a good working relationship we can achieve that, and more as well.”

David Moore | Head of IT, NAS


Streamlined software

Core took Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and added a simple wizard which let content creators apply tags to documents which reflected the taxonomy. These changes to the central document library layout drove traffic to the website.

Core delivered this change by enabling a unique gadget listing relevant documents to be added to any page of the intranet. Office SharePoint Server could then be used to search for tags relating to the page in question.

The intranet also features a conventional internet-style search tool, a HR area, hints and tips and an event calendar.

Project delivered successfully

With the new intranet live, traffic increased by about 20%, from 10,000 weekly page views to 12,000 views.

Visitors are now staying longer on the site and exploring beyond the homepage. The number of people viewing multiple pages has doubled.


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