University of Law - Case Study

By Core Newsroom

University of Law needed a new intranet that would enable easier communication across multiple departments.

University of Law (ULaw) is a specialist provider of legal education in the UK. The university of employs around 700 staff and has around 8,000 students studying across its 11 campuses.

ULaw needed a new intranet that would let their numerous teams and departments communicate with each other quickly and easily, and enabled collaboration on documents. They also wanted a powerful search engine to retrieve documents and information.

“It is fulfilling our requirements and the feedback has been positive. We can see the value the intranet has added already as a communication tool.”

Georgia Messina | Senior IT Project Manager, ULaw


Collaboration, document management and improved knowledge sharing

Core performed an in-depth discovery phase with a series of workshops to understand the university’s needs, the technological issues they faced and  how these issues could be resolved.

An intranet was built for ULaw using SharePoint Online which enabled better communication, easy document management and collaboration and improved knowledge sharing. An effective taxonomy made use of SharePoint’s document management capabilities to ensure the university had a much needed single source of truth.

Core also helped ULaw with user adoption, providing a guided approach which made sure staff could get the most out of their new intranet.

Easy, effective communication

Departments and teams throughout ULaw can communicate effectively with each other regardless of location. The powerful search functionality ensures documents and information are quickly found, saving staff valuable time.

University policies, procedures and forms are all centralised and easy to find. The intranet homepage opens as a new browser which ensures all staff are up-to-date with the latest university news.


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