Enhanced end point security services

Endpoint security refers to securing end-user devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Endpoints serve as access to your enterprise network and create points of entry that can be exploited by malicious threats.

Today’s modern workplaces are incorporating practices to make access to data more fluid. The shift to a cloud-first, mobile-first world, and the increase in BYOD (bring your own device) policies, in addition to threats targeting mobile device access and networks, is creating multiple endpoint vulnerabilities.

Home working or connecting to Wi-Fi networks to work on-the-go means that the enterprise network security perimeter is more at risk than ever before.


Security Swish@4x

Control, manage and monitor all your endpoints

In the past, most security breaches came in through the network. Today, however, threats are increasingly coming in through endpoints, which means centralised network protection does not go far enough.

Integrated Security

  • Protect your entire Office 365 environment
  • Secure your mobile devices to protect against data leaks, provide information and rights management so that only the right people can access your systems
  • Cyber security solutions to protect against the latest online threats

For a comprehensive review and analysis of your IT security, book a Security Workshop with Core. Our experts will provide a comprehensive overview of your security landscape, and identify opportunities for improvement so your security is as robust, current and able to respond to evolving threats. 


Confidence that your environment is ready to continually perform at its best

Our strategy is designed to promote growth and mitigate your challenges. And it means you’ll have a tailored, scalable, adaptable strategy that helps you select the devices, platforms, security, and management systems that work best for you and your users.

Core’s continuous improvement approach helps you drive down cost and ensure optimum productivity and performance for your users.


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Helping you design, implement, architect, deploy and migrate on to the right SCCM infrastructure for your business. We can help you enhance, simplify and extend Microsoft SCCM.


Helping you enable your employees to securely work with the devices and applications of their choice by using Microsoft Intune to apply management controls for mobile devices and applications.


Helping you rapidly and easily deploy, reset and repurpose new user devices without the need to reimage or manually set them up. With new device pre-configuration services Windows Autopilot ensures devices are immediately ready to be securely used.

Evergreen Security peace of mind

Endpoint security software uses encryption and application control to secure devices accessing the enterprise network, thereby better controlling security on those avenues of access to monitor and block risky activities. Encrypting data on endpoints and removable storage devices helps to protect against data leaks and loss. Application control prevents endpoint users from executing unauthorised applications that could create vulnerabilities in the network.


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