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Simple, effective identity management solutions for every kind of business

A good identity and access management system is an essential part of any organisation’s IT. IDAM solutions put you in control of who can access your IT systems, and how.

It’s important to control user access so that the right people can access what they need to do their jobs, and so that your systems are kept secure. IDAM solutions are even more important given that most of us are running multiple applications, systems and servers at the same time; we need to know exactly who can access what - where, when and how.


Why choose Core for IDAM?

Core’s IDAM solution:

  • Offers secure web-based access from any browser and device
  • Uses proven IDAM technology including Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), Azure AD and multifactor authentication to verify user identity
  • New users can be automatically provisioned by integration with Microsoft Active Directory or by linking to external systems
  • Can be custom branded to reflect your organisation’s individuality
  • Uses defined rules and policies to automate data entry, thus removing errors and inconsistencies, driving a standardisation of identity information

Identity and Access Management (IDAM)

Core’s identity solution helps businesses in every sector take control of who can access their systems and network. It’s designed to make sure the right people can access what they need, while keeping your systems and data secure from unauthorised users.

Our IDAM solution runs as part of our Aurora system, which uses leading Microsoft technology, such as Enterprise Mobility & Security, and works on the principle of Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to control who can access your network and under what circumstances. Aurora also includes propriety technology to offer additional functionality and capability not available within the standard Microsoft solutions.

You can create custom permissions and define the criteria users must meet to be granted access, and restrict access to the things they don’t need. That way, you’re always in control of who is in your network.

We’ve considered the full lifecycle of your users, from their very first day at your company to their last. Once a digital identity is created, it’s maintained and monitored for the duration of the user’s lifecycle – or as long as they’re at your company. 

For a personal touch, Aurora can be customised and branded to reflect your company’s unique identity.


Manage user rights and access

Control who has access to your IT environment

  • Verify user identity before they access your systems and network
  • Control who can see what information based on criteria and custom permissions that you define

Proven IDAM technology

  • Identity-driven security that protects your network and your users
  • Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) includes multifactor authentication for extra security

Designed for the whole user lifecycle

  • Our IDAM solution takes care of the whole user lifecycle from first day to last day
  • Unique user digital identity is maintained and monitored for the duration of their time at your company
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