Reduce the burden of expensive office space

Office space is expensive, especially in a city like London.

When combined with local hardware – from air conditioning units to servers – just maintaining your equipment is expensive and time consuming.

Not to mention the risk of hardware failure, which often means upgrading equipment, rolling out new software to match, and even more expense.

With hefty upfront costs and the need to future-proof over three or five years, we understand that having local hardware isn’t just bad for your green footprint, it’s bad for your business strategy, too.

That’s where our solution can help you. By deploying the technology necessary for your organisation to adopt cloud computing, you can mitigate these operational risks and transform your business.


How cloud computing helps

Our solution delivers on your business continuity goals, so your users can connect to Office 365 anywhere and work seamlessly, no matter what happens, or where they are.

They don’t have to worry about power outages, fires shutting things down, or accidentally leaving their laptop at home – their daily routine is never affected. Which mean it’s always business as usual for you.

Having a Cloud Infrastructure in place ensures they can still access their files, emails, and even calls via Skype. It offers you and your organisation enhanced flexibility, turning it into a truly modern workplace.

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Never Have More Computing Than You Need

We know there are often peaks of activity during over specific periods, and they vary from business to business. Things like financial reporting can put a strain on your IT, and systems can lag or even crash.

Having powerful hardware in place can prevent that, but do you really want your highly specialised, over-specified machines sat there doing a lot less than they can during everyday work? 

With the cloud, this isn’t an issue.

Cloud Infrastructure allows you to scale up and dial down usage as your work fluctuates, whether its memory, storage, or overall computing power.

Start with a basic package and build more as you need it – and pay for what you use as you use it. This way, you never have more computing power than you need at that time – you simply buy what suits you, where it best fits.



The Little Book of Managed Services

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Talk to our experts

If you think developing a cloud infrastructure could help you solve some of your IT problems, we can help. At Core, we put your user experience at the top of our priority, and manage every aspect of the implementation, from migration to ongoing support.