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30 years of the 'Modern Workplace'

By Louise Mahrra

For Conor Callanan, CEO at Core, the very concept of the workplace has changed beyond all recognition since their inception in 1989. But although the technology that surrounds us has changed beyond all recognition, a decades-long perspective sheds light on just how unevenly distributed the present future is. That’s why Core, as a Microsoft Gold partner managed services company, are committed to helping their clients get the best modern workplace solutions to meet their business objectives – a timeless mission.

In a recent interview with UC Today, Core's CEO Conor Callanan explains why our mission of 'Transforming Business through Technology' remains as true today as it was then, and reinforces our values and commitment to helping our customers achieve more through successful technology solutions.

Change starts with challenging the prevailing attitudes:

Conor Callanan

By showing them what’s possible, Core encourages forward-thinking managers to envisage change – and take pioneering steps within their enterprises, which may be culturally resistant to transformation. As Callanan reflects, “there’s always an excuse like compliance or cost or GDPR, but it’s really actually the culture. The employees want change – but the organisations don’t have a culture of aligning the users needs with the business strategy, to deliver on the organisation’s objectives”.


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