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A move forward for Government Devolution

By Louise Mahrra

​It has been announced that Cornwall is set to become the first county to secure a devolution deal from the government. This will give them more control of a swathe of powers including infrastructure and skills investment. This now opens the way for other counties to follow suit and have a greater say in how their budget should be spent, giving them a greater impact over local​ decisions.

The budget document stated: "The government intends to support towns and counties to play their part in growing the economy, offering them the opportunity to agree devolution deals, and providing local people with the levers they need to boost growth."

The County Council Network (CCN) have been leading the charge for devolution, stating after the announcement: "Today's historic deal will allow Cornwall to take much greater control of its own affairs and tailor solutions to meet the needs of its people and economy. Today's agreement also sets a precedent for bringing more decisions and services closer to county communities across England, and could see the potential of county economies maximised to help meet Government growth ambitions and plans to boast productivity."​

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