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Something in the Spring air...

By Louise Mahrra

It was our pleasure to host Maya Middlemiss, journalist for UC Today at our Fall in Love with Teams breakfast briefing earlier this month. 

Following the event, Maya wrote this article in UC Today. 

It’s a leap year and a time for inversion, perhaps for taking a step beyond every day assumptions. Back in the structurally-sexist days of old it was an occasion for women to propose marriage to their menfolk. In 2020, maybe it’s time for executives of the future to propose a new way forward to their IT decision makers? To request — perhaps even demand — access to the best way to collaborate: internally, externally, and with remote colleagues.

Core’s London event “Fall In Love With Teams” was created to facilitate just such a shift, and help demonstrate the benefits of Microsoft Teams to organisations who could most benefit from it.  The speakers from both the Core team and Microsoft product team made their case most persuasively, for the assembled audience of London-based enterprises.

Making the move

Even for those convinced of the benefits of adopting Teams, the transition is a huge step. Just for SMEs shifting to a new collaboration platform has big admin overhead, and for larger organisations it’s a significant state transition, requiring a structured change management process. This exploration of fit followed by a supported implementation pathway is where Core come in, as a matchmaker or marriage broker — to help organisations explore whether Teams is right for them, then to project-manage the changeover and digitisation of the workflow.

Read the full article on UC Today


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