Streamline, automate, and transform processes with rich forms, workflows, and custom mobile apps

You probably use dozens of business processes every day. A streamlined process means fewer errors and delays; That's why it's so important to improve processes through automation.

Business Process Automation is at the heart of any business transformation project.

Improving the way people work through streamlining, automating, and transforming processes with rich forms, workflows, and custom apps empowers an inclusive modern workplace culture that benefits users and the business.

Transform the way your company manages and automates end-to-end processes to accelerate business decisions.


Business Process Automation is at the heart of any business transformation project


Easy to Build

Build and deploy powerful process applications in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional hand-coding.

Teamwork Swish@4x

Empower Collaboration

Empower IT teams and less-technical users to solve problems using a drag-and-drop designer to automate workflows.

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Process Control

Control all of your business process applications using a single platform that offers insight into real-time engagement metrics.

Nintex technology powered by Core intelligent solutions

Nintex puts the power of automation into the hands of the line of business by making it fast and easy to manage, automate, and optimise your business processes with clicks, not code.  Visually plan and map your business processes, identify & build your ideal candidates for automation, and go on to optimise based on the data collected during operation.

Find out more about how Core and Nintex can help bring your business process automation to life with intelligent solutions.


Nintex Advanced Workflow

Accelerate business transformation with Nintex

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Process Management

Plan / Map / Share

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Process Automation

Forms & Mobile / Workflows & RPA Bots / DocGen ® & eSign


Process Optimisation

Monitor / Analyse / Improve

Making work more meaningful

Technology enablement is about people – it’s about putting the power of IT into the hands of the users and empowering them to use it.

Visually plan and map your business processes, identify and build your ideal candidates for automation, and go on to optimise based on the data collected during operation.

Nintex makes work more meaningful by improving business processes. With the Nintex Platform, your organisation can manage, automate, and optimise your business processes—all with clicks, not code.



Case Management solutions

For well-established businesses seeking a single source of data, a case management solution is the answer. Case management is particularly relevant in the insurance and legal sectors, but all companies use case management to some degree - a case is simply a project.

If you have groups of people within your organisation who collaborate on projects and use multiple systems for storing data, you could benefit from a case management solution. Using separate systems for policy management, document management and finance makes finding the data you need difficult; but changing all three is time-consuming and expensive.

That’s where Core can help.

With a SharePoint user interface, powered by Nintex process management software, our case management solution draws information from multiple sources and creates a single view dashboard that makes it quick and easy for your people to find the information they need. We incorporate all three sources of data and integrate your legacy systems to give you a user-friendly, intuitive system that is easier to work with, and saves you time and money.


Build, customise and extend all the apps you need with the Microsoft Power Platform

The Power Platform is a low code platform powered by Microsoft Azure enabling organisations to analyse data, act on it through applications, and automate business processes. Unlock the potential of SharePoint, Dynamics 365 and Office 365 with PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Power BI, bringing your data together and connecting to hundreds of data sources.

  • PowerApps

Quickly build apps that easily connect to data, use Excel-like expressions to add logic, and run on the web and mobile devices.

  • Microsoft Flow

Powerful workflow automation built directly into your apps with a no-code approach that connects popular apps and services.

  • Power BI

Make sense of your data through interactive, real-time dashboards and unlock insights to drive your business forward.

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