Productivity during uncertain times

In this time of uncertainty, we hope that you, your families, and your co-workers are safe and healthy. With COVID-19 continuing to impact people and countries around the world, we would like to reassure all our customers of our ongoing commitment to staying up-to-date and responding to recommendations from the UK Government, WHO and the Department of Health.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, so we are focussed on ensuring you  and your users remain productive during this difficult time and to that risks and barries to your ability to operate are removed or mitigated, wherever possible.

The purpose of the Remote Working Support Hub is to highlight the relevant challenges and considerations to work through over the coming weeks and months, and present practical guidance and support from the team at Core. We will evolve the contents of the page as we discover the additional problems people are facing during this challenging time.

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Transforming your workforce in as little as two weeks

Core’s enablement and deployment strategy will quickly procure, configure, and enable the right collaboration tools to keep your users, customers and clients connected and collaborating seamlessly with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams - along with a structured virtual adoption and training for users.

Core’s team of experts will quickly lead you through the best practice approach to adoption, assisting you with your internal comms strategy, learning paths appropriate to your users needs and provide management reporting with insights.


Request a free two hour consultation session with our IT experts

To help your organisation address the new normal and prepare for a gradual return to the workplace, we're offering a complimentary, two-hour consultation with one of our experts.

Our dedicated team span all IT specialisms within the Microsoft 365 portfolio, and are well placed to advise you.

This 2-hour session will be led by an industry-specific Account Manager with an in-depth knowledge of your sector, along with a member of our consultancy team. This is a great starting point to provide clear and pragmatic advice to address any gaps in security, process and system inefficiencies, and fully supporting your  remote workers. These demands are not only relevant now; they will allow you and your business to better prepare for the end of lockdown and the new normal.


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Teams Unified Communications Solution

Core’s Teams Unified Communication Solution is a fully-managed unified communication platform that enables high quality
and scalable external voice calling from within your Microsoft Teams client.

It securely and efficiently connects inbound and outbound calling directly through Microsoft Teams, allowing you to make and receive UK, international and mobile calls - even with non-Teams contacts - with reliable and cost-effective calling bundles.

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Find out how we can help you be more productive and stay connected while working remotely with Microsoft modern workplace technologies like Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. We can also assess and take care of your network security while you work away from home. 


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