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Microsoft 365 – the heart of your Modern Workplace

Today’s technology solutions are enabling us to rethink and redefine the way we work, and where we chose to work. Microsoft’s suite of communications and collaboration solutions within Office 365 is designed with users in mind to help organisations transform their workplace into a digital workplace of the future.

Applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, Skype for Business, OneNote and Yammer, and security, compliance and threat detection, are all standard components, making Microsoft 365 the ideal foundation for any business.


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Collaboration & Teamworking

Adopting a culture that empowers a collaborative working style in your business enables employees to work together efficiently to achieve shared goals. Creating an environment that encourages everyone to work together can have a positive impact on your team’s performance - companies that promote collaborative working are five times more likely to be high performing. To achieve successful user adoption of new ways of working, businesses need to ensure that both their technical and cultural environments are ready for the change.

The modern workplace presents many challenges for teamwork. Remote workers. Off-site meetings. Flexible schedules. Geographically dispersed teams. Multiple communications channels and ways of sharing files and information.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork and collaboration, offering a single approach to utilising the productivity and collaboration tools within Office 365. Teams facilitates a more collaborative, productive and efficient way for users, teams and businesses to work towards a common goal.



Intranet Solutions

An intranet is the cornerstone of your digital workplace. Using our Intelligent Workspace solution, Core can deliver a modern communication platform that would support your internal strategic goals and allow employee stories to be shared simply and seamlessly on a single user-friendly platform all built on top of the Microsoft 365 platform. Core’s intranet solutions let your teams collaborate, communicate and work together instantly, wherever they are, at any time and on any device.



Achieving successful technology transformation

Beyond simply giving you the tools and tech you need to transform the way your business works, we’re here to help you make your technology transformation project a real success. Core put people at the heart of change – and a technology transformation project is one of the biggest changes your business can undergo. From clearly defining your business objective to involving staff early on, our ten steps to successful technology transformation will help you seamlessly implement and integrate new tech into your organisation, encourage user adoption and make sure you see tangible benefits and return on your technology investment.


Document Management 

In the age of flexible, remote and mobile working, your documents need to be quickly and easily accessible, from any location on any device, and securely stored. Designed with collaboration in mind, and using Microsoft SharePoint, Core’s document management solution provides a secure place to store, organise, share, and access information.



Membership Solutions

From royal colleges to chartered institutions, membership organisations exist in many forms. Some bodies exist as industry regulators and advisors, with compulsory membership for certain professions, while others are more relaxed communities of common interest. Not-for-profit organisations are also very common. To thrive, membership organisations must continuously recruit new members and retain existing ones. This means they face a unique set of challenges which are intensified by an ever-changing digital landscape.

Core’s membership software lets you manage your membership subscriptions easily, with a single member view of data and customised communication preferences.



Knowledge Management Services

Knowledge management is any system that helps people in an organisation share, access, and update business knowledge and information. Core’s Knowledge Management solution captures the output of your everyday work, stores it in a logical structure using a rule-driven taxonomy and makes it easily retrievable so that knowledge can be shared throughout your organisation.



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