Simple enough to use, comprehensive enough to deliver value

When it comes to recording, retrieving and sharing business information, you want a simple solution that’s accessible to everyone. 

Our knowledge management solution provides just that. It captures the good stuff – the output of your everyday work –and makes it easy for you (and your team) to access and share.

You don’t even have to worry about data governance; our solution uses logical structures and rule-driven taxonomies to govern and classify data – meaning the information you need is never more than a few clicks away.



Changing the way you managed people, information and data

Prearation Swish@4x


Fast, intuitive and intelligent search

Reporting Swish@4x


Providers uses with a single source of truth

Document Swish@4x-1


Consistent data/document structure and classification

Expertise Swish@4x


User confidence in the quality of search results

Membership Swish@4x


Ensures ongoing relevance and quality of documents

Networking Swish@4x


Stable framework that you can grow with your knowledge management strategy


Always find what you’re looking for

With our enterprise knowledge management technology, you have a stable framework that will continue to grow and support your business’ data capture and distribution.

Data retrieval built for your business

We architect and build knowledge management solutions that fit perfectly with the way you work. To do this, we start by identifying and understanding your current data capture and retrieval issues.

Scalable data governance

Whether you have hundreds of files or millions, our taxonomies grow with you – helping you to keep your knowledge base clean, regardless of how many files you add.

Best-in-class document management

A single source of truth means no duplication of content; all of your files are in one place and accessible to everyone. Outdated files can be readily removed or archived.

The knowledge management solution you deserve

Featuring intelligent search functionality that’s fast and intuitive, data consolidation to ensure a single source of truth, and logical data classification and storage – our knowledge management solution can deliver what you need.



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