Is using managed IT services cost-effective for business?

By Lucy Wright - October 08, 2018

Most businesses are looking for ways to save money and maximise resources. More and more, organisations of every kind are recognising the value of outsourcing IT to a managed service provider (MSP) and the potential this has to save them money.

Using managed IT services often proves cost-effective for businesses because it provides a high level of IT support and assistance at a cost that is usually lower than if the business were to try and recreate that service in-house.

Read on to discover more reasons why managed IT services are a cost-effective approach to IT for businesses of every kind…

More time to focus on growing your business

When you outsource to a managed IT services provider, it frees up time and resources within your company. Your in-house IT team is free to work on the projects that deliver results and contribute to the success of your business, instead of spending their time troubleshooting or answering staff queries. MSPs also provide robust security and firewalls, so you can relax and focus on your business' core competencies knowing that your IT infrastructure is protected from malicious threats.

Expertise on tap

Using managed IT services gives you access to a whole pool of talent that would otherwise be unavailable. Most MSPs have numerous employees who specialise in different areas of IT; except for the largest of global businesses, it would be virtually impossible – and not cost-effective – to hire such a varied range of skills in-house. By using an MSP, you can benefit from the experts they have working for them - which leads nicely on to our next point...

Less recruitment costs

‘Renting’ the team of your MSP means you don’t have to hire as many people in-house, which saves time and money on recruitment, training and HR-related admin. That’s not to say you can’t have an in-house IT team. In fact, many businesses adopt a hybrid approach to IT, combining an in-house team with a managed services provider. By taking this approach, your in-house team are free to work on high-impact projects, while the MSP can keep things ticking over in the background.

Better budgeting

Another reason IT outsourcing is cost-effective is because it lets you accurately budget for the year ahead. By paying a monthly fee, there are little or no unforeseen costs which could blow the IT budget. And with this cost accurately calculated, you have the flexibility to invest in other areas of your business.

The most up-to-date software

As part of their service, your MSP will update software as soon as the updates become available, which saves you the cost of having to do it yourself. Your software will always be the most current version of itself, and you don't have to pay for repeated updates.

Reduced infrastructure costs

Using a managed IT service means you can downsize the amount of IT infrastructure you have on-site by using their data centres and servers, instead. This can save you office space (enough to move to smaller premises?), as well as money on energy bills, hardware and equipment.

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