Five true benefits of Desktop as a Service every IT leader should know

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If you have been toying with the idea of incorporating Desktop as a Service (DaaS) into your environment with a view to simplifying your user processes, then read on.  

DaaS is a subscription-style IT service that has been around in various formats for years now, but recently, has grown in popularity as businesses seek solutions to enable a remote workforce, and simplify their processes.  

DaaS is a cost-effective, efficient solution for organisations across a range of sectors, particularly those businesses seeking to a secure way to provide employees with the tools they need, wherever they are. 

Of course, you should carry out due diligence. What are the benefits of DaaS? How much does DaaS cost? And importantly, will DaaS give your business an advantage over your competitors? All these questions will have a bearing on whether you choose DaaS. 

What is Desktop as a Service (DaaS)? 

Desktop as a Service is an IT solution in which a service provider (like Core) provides an organisation with their desktop including all the apps and files they need, by hosting it in the cloud for them. This means that the organisation can access their own desktop, through a browser, on any device at any time, simply by logging in. For this service, the organisation (customer) pays a monthly fee, usually per user, to the service provider. 

How does Desktop as a Service work? 

Desktop as a Service is a cloud computing solution. The virtual desktop that employees access when they log in is hosted by the provider in the cloud. This means it's accessed via an internet connection, through which only graphics and sound are sent. All the processing power, memory, and storage is held off-site, meaning hardware requirements can be minimal.  

Because the virtual desktop is hosted in the cloud, users can access it from any computer, anywhere, using personal laptops or in the office on business-owned machines. An effective DaaS solution is great for introducing flexibility and mobility, which explains why DaaS is growing in popularity as more and more businesses introduce remote or hybrid working. 

Who does Desktop as a Service benefit? 

Desktop as a Service is a convenient and reliable IT solution for organisations of every kind. It is particularly beneficial to large companies with many remote workers who depend on flexible solutions to sustain high levels of productivity. Desktop as a Service is the perfect solution to enable mobile working, whether that be home workers, field workers, travellers, and those need fast access to files on the move.  

Desktop as a Service has many benefits, but the decision to incorporate a virtual will not be right for every employee. DaaS can be used as part of an end user compute managed service, providing the right blend of virtual and physical desktops to your workforce.


Why Desktop as a Service should be a consideration 

Flexible, remote working - The benefit and major attraction of any cloud-based DaaS solution is that they offer true remote access without the need for clunky VPNs. Employees can log into your corporate environment just as quickly as they would log into a local application. 

Value for money – Desktop as a Service is typically provided at a per user per month cost, so you only ever pay for the exact number of desktops you use. Security and support are included, and you don’t have to pay for regular updates either, as your desktop provider will perform these for you.  

Improved support – Supporting a modern workforce can sometimes be frustrating for the user, and complex for the IT staff as they must gain remote access to the machine through various security devices. A hosted DaaS solution provides simpler means of supporting your staff, as there are no other networks to navigate.  

Greater security – A DaaS from Core provides in-built security and comes complete with active monitoring, so any security threats are detected immediately and can be intercepted. Because the desktop ‘lives’ in the cloud and not on your device, it also means a device is still secure even if it is lost or stolen. 

For businesses wondering how to enable remote workers in a secure fashion, it is worth mentioning that as the desktop is hosted in the cloud, all security and data can be centralised for added cost benefits, and peace of mind.  

Flexible and scalable

The cost of Desktop as a Service varies between providers, but you will usually be charged on a per user per month basis, which makes it very cost-effective. Look for a DaaS provider that includes security, updates, and SLA-backed support options all wrapped in a simple, inclusive pricing model, such as Core, to ensure you receive maximum value and are not faced with additional charges.  

Learn more 

If you would like to understand if DaaS is right for your business, talk to one of our specialists to arrange a free, no obligation assessment. Click here to send us an email, or you would prefer to talk to somebody, call us on +44 20 7626 0516. 

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