Going above and beyond with WorkPoint 365 Document Management

By Core Newsroom

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, and one of only 28 UK Microsoft FastTrack partners, Core strives to deliver the highest quality end-to-end services. We pride ourselves on not letting our customers down, even when our customers’ needs fall outside of our direct capabilities. Where possible, we reach out to our partner network, built with Core’s high standards in mind, to deliver transformation through technology with credible providers.  

In recognition of our partnership with WorkPoint, we are pleased to announce that we have received the 2021 Rising Star partner award from WorkPoint. This award was given for “adopting the WorkPoint Partner Ecosystem to deliver business solutions with a high level of customer value and customer satisfaction.” 

WorkPoint 365 is an advanced, out-of-the-box document management platform that adds a layer of logic to your existing Microsoft 365 environment, providing advanced tools such as project management, case management, HR management, knowledge management, and quality management to your teams, wherever they are. Importantly, all of this functionality is accessible directly from Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online. 

The shift to hybrid working has expedited the transition to cloud services for many organisations. What began with businesses deploying Microsoft 365, and Teams, has progressed to instances of SharePoint being set up for remote employees to access files and collaborate. Often, Microsoft 365, including SharePoint Online, provides the essentials for many employees. Following that, many organisations have already deployed, or plan to adopt, cloud-based telephony services such as Teams Voice to complete the fundamental requirements from a user perspective. The idea being that no solution that employees rely on should be limited to the office environment or require a VPN to access.  

For some businesses, however, their employees need a little more than the fundamentals. Businesses such as legal and professional services that require access to case and contract management tools. Manufacturing and construction organisations require simple and unobtrusive access to greater document and project management tools, HR teams need access to contacts, compliance, and contract records, not to mention providing access to external stakeholders. The list of advanced requirements goes on.  

Very often, the solutions these organisations rely on are provided by a third-party and either bespoke, or developed specifically (and expensively) for that organisation. So how do you bring those tools to your remote users without relying on a VPN? And more importantly, is there a solution that allows business to enable those advanced requirements while maximising the value from Microsoft 365 and simplifying their architecture? 

When our customers came to us with the challenges described above, we sought the best possible solution to add to our partner portfolio. Imagine being access every email, document, file, contract, contact, timesheet, and HR record in a project or case. Imagine your employees being able to access that information from anywhere. 

Now imagine that platform is Microsoft 365. 

If you would like to learn more about our collaborative offering with WorkPoint, please register to join our webinar on Wednesday 24 November at 11:00 GMT. In this webinar we will cover a live demonstration of how WorkPoint 365 can truly enable your Modern Workplace and talk about some use cases demonstrating success and efficiency for vertical market sectors.  

Learn how WorkPoint 365 enables full access to every document your users need, directly from Teams. Discover how, from a single platform, users can access every email, IM, document, and record, in all file types, and how your organisation can reduce reliance on third-party, inflexible, and restrictive solutions.  

To register for the free webinar and to learn more about WorkPoint 365 features, click here. 

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