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By Core Newsroom

Our team here at Core is made up of many diverse and interesting characters, we would love you to meet the team below and find out all about what it is they love most about working at Core, and why we have been shortlisted as a finalist for CRN Best Company to Work For! 

Hannah Newman, Account Manager & Bytes Partner Specialist:  "I have been working at Core for more than 6 years and have enjoyed every minute of it. I started in the organisation on a work experience contract within the Marketing team. I was quickly given the opportunity to work full time within the Sales team. My current role is interesting as it incorporates a number of different responsibilities such as being a Sales Account Manager and managing one of our top partnerships with Bytes. 

Outside of my official job role, I also head up our Social Committee. This part of the job is great fun as it gives me a chance to give back to the company through organising all our events! The culture at Core is so crucial and something I highly value. We have a real family fun feel and making sure the events are inclusive and full of laughter is so important. 

From a personal perspective, I have been given the chance to grow and develop across a number of roles, which means every day is different! I love working with our customers and partners by trying to see how best we can help!” 


Anita Brzezinska, HR and Office Manager“My name is Anita Brzezinska and I am the HR and Office Manager for Core. I manage HR responsibilities and run the offices in Gdansk and London. What I like at Core is that you can speak openly and there is no blame culture. If something went wrong, there is always an attitude to rectify the issue so we can avoid this mistake in the future. I live in Sopot, so I work from Polish office in Gdansk.

In my spare time, I like beach walks and bike rides. A fun fact about me is that each day I have a different melody I sing along to the whole day. Usually, those melodies are so catchy that all the people around me sing along to them in their minds 5 minutes after I started!  Unfortunately, the melodies are usually cheesy!” 


Mark Pembroke, Account Manager: "The thing I love most about working at Core is it feels like a family. Like any family, you have the oddball, the crazy uncle or the rebellious teen and Core certainly has its characters! But everyone works together and helps each other to make sure we deliver the best possible service to our customers. I also love the freedom and flexibility that Core provides which allows me to have a fantastic work/life balance. I sit now typing from my house in York and even though I have colleagues in London, Scotland and as far as Poland, Core has made it so we feel like we are all still together.

Fun fact about Mark:  I was in London a few years back with my twin brother having some daytime beers on our Birthday when we got stopped on the street by some people who said they were from Cosmopolitan Magazine. They explained that they were doing a feature called "confessions" (most embarrassing stories) in the summer and wanted to know if we wanted to have our picture taken and give a story for a chance to be featured. There were lots of people getting stopped so didn't think much of it. 6 months later I was on holiday, sitting by the pool with my then girlfriend who was reading a copy of cosmopolitan magazine. She did a double take before asking "Mark...what are you doing on page 6?!. My tenuous claim to fame... although the article gave an embarrassing story I didn't give (which was so much worse than mine) and called me my twin brothers name (If I had a penny...)


Hamuza Ntabazi, Service Desk Manager: “I love the various cultures that are here at Core and the fact that we have a team in Poland but still feel like we are all one family. I find the employees and senior management very easy to get along with, as I believe they are honest and hardworking and that they share the same goal of making the company great. I really like the fact that Core allows and challenges its employees to improve by offering various learning and development paths which the company pays for. I enjoy the monthly social events that the company holds which bring us all together; it is great for team bonding, especially now as so many people work remotely.”

Fun fact about Hamuza: “I used to have, and love looking after, rabbits as a young boy in Africa when I was 6-9 years old. I am still fascinated with rabbits, even at my ancient age today!”


Thomas Gwyther, Microsoft 365 Consultant.

What do you enjoy most about working at Core: "Helping to adopt new technologies, assisting organisations with their cloud adoption framework. It’s exciting to bring companies into our cloud offerings and show what can be done.

The team are always encouraging around learning new skills, and are always on top of making sure I have everything I need to be as effective as possible. Getting the opportunity to get into the office once a month, and go out with the team for the social events is a nice option, in the remote working world.”

Fun Fact about Thomas: “I love learning about Machine Learning and AI. When I’m not looking at the cloud, I’m probably reading Life 3.0 or studying ML in Python”

There you have it, we hope you enjoyed being introduced to some of the team here at Core. Keep an eye out on our socials for more #MeetTheTeam posts throughout the month!

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