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Core partner Beezy chosen for Microsoft's Government Community Cloud (GCC) High environment

By Core Newsroom

Core’s partner and the leading digital workplace solution for Microsoft 365, Beezy, has been successfully deployed and endorsed for use in Microsoft’s Government Community Cloud (GCC) High environment, in a milestone achievement for the company.

The GCC High Environment was created by Microsoft to meet the unique needs and strict requirements of United States federal agencies and the Department of Defence (DoD) as well as federal contractors that hold or process data for the US government.

Now, organisations operating on the GCC High Cloud can replace their outdated intranets with modern, intuitive and powerful Beezy intranets to create a secure and collaborative digital workspace that meets their needs and supports a productive, engaged workforce.

Beezy is an award-winning enterprise software solution which integrates SharePoint and Office 365 to create intranets that deliver communication and collaboration, knowledge and processes, all in a secure and centralised environment. The user experience is human-centred and designed to make communication and collaboration simple – which is more important than ever in today’s remote working world.

Find out more about Beezy intranets and how they can be deployed to enable better and easier communication and collaboration in your environment here.

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