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The Perils of Shadow IT in a Remote Access World

By Louise Mahrra

UC Today's Rob Scott hosts the team at Core in this video panel debate, on the topic of shadow IT. 

Shadow IT UC Today TV
Speakers include Conor Callanan (CEO)Rye Austin (CCO) and Shannon Johnston (Practice Lead).

In this session the team discuss the following:

  • Define Shadow IT in the Enterprise, why does it matter? What is the current state of Shadow IT?
  • What’s the impact of remote working/home working on Shadow IT? E.g video collab apps, team apps and messaging tools
  • What are the key considerations for IT admins when addressing Shadow IT in 2020? and how can Core help

Watch the full panel debate on UC Today TV - https://www.uctoday.com/collaboration/the-perils-of-shadow-it-in-a-remote-access-world/ 

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