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The Rise of the Citizen Developer and what it means for business

By Louise Mahrra

Davide Ranchetti, Core's Lead Solution Architect, recently had a guest blog published on UC Today. 

Davide-head-shot-1-003_finalDemand for anytime, anywhere connectivity is accelerating as workforces become increasingly mobile and virtual. As productivity becomes ever more important as a point of competitive differentiation and a catalyst for change, enabling real-time sharing between customers, partners and employees is critical. And digital, decentralised and collaborative workplaces that harness the very ethos of always-on, anytime, anywhere working have given rise to citizen developers.

So, what exactly is a citizen developer? Find out in Davide's guest blog post. 

Read Davide's blog on UC Today - https://www.uctoday.com/collaboration/team-collaboration/the-rise-of-the-citizen-developer-and-what-it-means-for-business/ 


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