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'We want to buy three companies by mid next year' - CEO of Microsoft MSP Core

By Louise Mahrra

Conor Callanan, CEO of Core was interviewed by Tom Wright, Editor of CRN about Core's growth strategy and acquisition plans. In this rare view from Conor, who has successfully steered Core through the past 30 years in the ever-changing, fast paced technology industry, he shared: 

  • Core’s approach of doubling-down on growth and how we are actively looking at acquisitions as part of our growth plan
  • His view of the current landscape for MSPs and the opportunities
  • His experience in this industry and focus on maintaining and keeping true to values and “customers-first” mantra


"We're not actively encouraging people back to the office," he said.

"Everything seems to be working great for us, productivity is good and people are getting more time back. I can't see us doing any kind of massive swing back to the office at all."


Read the full interview on CRN: https://www.channelweb.co.uk/news/4019750/companies-mid-ceo-microsoft-msp-core 


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