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Mixed reception from MSPs and resellers that have spent recent weeks making offices COVID-safe

By Louise Mahrra

Rye Austin, Core's Chief Commercial Officer, recently took part in a CRN panel debate with a select number of managed service provider leaders following Boris Johnson's latest COVID update, announcing a U-Turn on return to the office plans. 

20170629_30_Core1271_Rye"Office traffic was nowhere near pre-Covid levels and our teams had adapted to the home working changes well," Rye said.

"We made the decision to downsize office several months ago in favour of flexible space. The recent announcement further validates that was the right thing for Core."


Read the full interview and other MSP leaders thoughts on CRN - https://www.channelweb.co.uk/news/4020613/keeping-staff-home-months-feels-dereliction-duties-channel-reaction-government-home-turn 

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