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I have to say, I’ve not seen anything else in the industry that is on par with the Azure Managed Service offering from Core.


One of Core’s customers in the banking industry, who would prefer to remain anonymous for data protection and security purposes, already had a relationship with Core through the delivery of managed and professional services in Dynamics 365 and CSP Licensing. For the purpose of this case study, we’ll refer to them as Company B.  

After Company B’s Azure costs scaled rapidly in 2022 without a clear understanding of the cause, they were asked if they would like to take advantage of Core’s new offering, the Azure Technical Assessment and Cost Optimisation review (the Azure TACO), to help regain control of their cloud spend and reduce costs. 

Following the pandemic, Company B now operates on a hybrid working model, with one office, and employees home-based all over the UK; serving clients all across the world. By onboarding Company B to Core’s Azure Managed Service starting with the Azure TACO review, Core was able to help Company B reduce their monthly Azure bill by 50%.

The Requirement – Cost Control without Performance Compromise

Due to their budget processes and a strong emphasis on responsible spending, it was imperative for Company B to ensure that costs were necessary and controlled, in a way that made effective use of the organisation’s funding. 

The choice to leverage the Azure Cloud platform was made to align seamlessly with their hybrid working model, and make sure systems and services were accessible from anywhere 24x7. Company B had recently moved their Dynamics 365 platform from On-Premises to Online, alongside a range of other business systems and workloads which had become costly and ineffective to host on-premises. On-premises alternatives would have doubled their costs, so an entire infrastructure review took place.

However, as Company B began moving their workloads into Azure, costs began to scale beyond expectations without clear visibility of the root cause, or whether resources were necessary and efficiently spec’d for the operational requirements.

A key benefit of Azure is its ability to scale quickly, but this also brings consideration of associated scaling in cost. Without proper controls, there is a risk that resource and cost can scale unchecked and unimpeded for a prolonged period of time, leading to an unexpected high bill.

In summary, Company B were lacking the visibility and confidence that what was being spent was necessary for their needs.

“I have been extremely impressed with how professional Adam and the team at Core have been, and how engaged and responsive they have been throughout the process. There has been nothing that hasn’t been responded to very quickly, and Adam in particular, has been very valuable in flagging up a number of potential issues that we weren’t aware of previously.”

The Solution – A Fit-for-Purpose Azure Managed Service

Whilst Core was already providing some monitoring, updates and patching services for Company B’s Azure subscription, the new Azure Managed Service meant that in addition to these tasks, Company B received a service that included cost, specification, and security optimisation. This took the form of scheduled and reactive tasks which contributed to regular consumable reports which provided clear and consistent insights into the Azure subscription.

From these reports, Company B’s team received clear summaries of what was happening in their subscription, including server patch status, application version updates, security recommendations, resource usage analysis, costs broken down into service family groups (E.g. Compute, Storage, Network) and trends compared across previous months. This provided a comprehensive view of the subscription, in addition to monthly recommendations for optimisation, security improvements and projected savings. Optimisations could include right-sizing server specifications, autoscaling and sleeping resources to reflect out of hours service levels, or utilising pre-paid reservations instead of pay as you go pricing.

The Azure team at Core made suggestions for annual/multi-year commitments to licensing and compute infrastructure which helped Company B reduce costs over the same period when compared to Pay as You Go pricing.

Core was also able to show Company B their existing Azure security score, and provide recommendations for improvements that would improve this score and therefore their security posture. Company B could then take these recommendations away, review the actions internally, then advise Core on whether to action them or not. Urgent vulnerabilities and actions are immediately flagged and remedial action can be undertaken in response to live threats.

Through the Azure TACO with Core, optimisations and actions are identified through a comprehensive traffic light report showing Company B the opportunities and vulnerabilities within their estate and their urgency and impact levels.

Company B still enjoys the same reliable service in Azure, but with the recommended optimisations in place, Azure subscription costs have reduced significantly while performance and experience have not changed at all.


The Results – A 50% Cost Saving & Optimised Performance

By implementing the Core Azure Managed Service and actioning recommendations from the Azure TACO, Company B’s costs have been reduced by almost 50%, from over £6,000 per month, to £3,500 per month. This enabled Company B’s IT team to stop the overspend and bring Azure costs back within budget.

Whilst some of these tasks could have been completed by Company B team members, familiarity with the configuration and management of Azure management and costs analysis are scarce. Furthermore, while these optimisation tasks need to be undertaken regularly to remain in control of Azure spend, your teams can be impacted during busy periods, other projects, or staff shortages. Knowing they have access to a service backed by SLA and delivered by a team of Azure experts who are constantly gathering the information needed and sharing it in an easy to consume format, makes the process efficient, straightforward and robust.

Company B’s Technology Delivery Lead said, “I have to say, I’ve not seen anything else in the industry that is on par with the Azure Managed Service offering from Core. One of the first steps was Adam and the team at Core taking us through the [TACO] assessment process, and making it easy to understand for the less technical members of Company B’s team. We’re not only thrilled to halve our costs, but we feel more robust from a security perspective having passed a penetration test, following the optimisation of our Azure infrastructure from Core.”

“I have been extremely impressed with how professional Adam and the team at Core have been, and how engaged and responsive they have been throughout the process. There has been nothing that hasn’t been responded to very quickly, and Adam in particular, has been very valuable in flagging up a number of potential issues that we weren’t aware of previously. I can’t sing his praises enough. I’ve been very happy with the service, it has been a breath of fresh air having a service we can rely on. Long may it continue.”


Your complimentary Azure Technical Assessment and Cost Optimisation review

In the pivotal decision-making process of selecting a partner for your digital evolution, our Azure Technical Assessment and Cost Optimisation (TACO) review stands as a beacon of insight. This comprehensive analysis will show you how to optimise your Azure infrastructure for peak performance, while ensuring fiscal prudence.

We’ll help show you how you can optimise, secure, and maximise the potential of your Azure infrastructure, while saving on cost.

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Azure Technical Assessment and Cost Optimisation review

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