Working from home simply and efficiently: tools to make home working easy

By Lucy Wright

The events of 2020 have forced organisations to re-evaluate their remote working strategies and in some cases, implement one for the first time.

But before the Covid-19 pandemic, the trend towards home working and working remotely was growing. Millennials that joining the workforce expect to be able to work from anywhere, and in an increasingly fast-paced business world, organisations must implement the tools and tech to enable remote working, or risk getting left behind.

Core has been providing remote working solutions and innovative technologies to enable remote working since before the current circumstances demanded it. But with more people than ever now working from home, we’ve renewed our focus and efforts on making home working easier, more efficient and even more secure, with solutions that are made possible by the cloud. Harnessing the power and flexibility of the cloud means that people really can work from any location. “If you’re truly ready for mobile working and you’ve got a laptop, you can work anywhere there’s a desk and a web connection”, Core’s Chief Commercial Officer, Rye Austin, told UC Today. Investing in the tools that enable flexible working isn’t just a short-term solution; it also means businesses have a resilient infrastructure that allows them to face the future with confidence.

As much of the global workforce has worked from home over the last few months, Core has made it our mission to make working from home as easy as possible, and to enable organisations to carry on with business as usual activity as much as possible. Here is a few ways Core has made working home more simply and efficient for the remote workforce.

Securing your home network

Working from home means people need to use their own home networks to get online, which can compromise the security of your organisation's data.

To help organisations with remote workers establish the security of the home networks being used and identify weaknesses that could leave them vulnerable to security threats, we have created a home network security checker. This quick self-survey will help people using home networks review their home network configuration and ensure they are meeting required security settings while working remotely. In cases where the results show network security could be improved, the Core team are on hand to review the results and create a more secure working environment. Try the network checker here.

Rapid Enablement Solution

To help organisations enable their entire team to work remotely and on device, Core has created an end-to-end solution that enables remote work and is deployed in as little as two weeks. Our Rapid Enablement Solution lets businesses get their users up and running quickly and as seamlessly as possible. We procure, configure and enable the tools you need to keep your users, customers and clients securely connected and collaborative. The Core team will lead you through best practice approaches to adoption and and provide reporting and insights into usage. 

Teams Unified Communications Solution

Core's Teams Unified Communications Solution is our fully-managed, unified communications platform which lets users make and receive high-quality and secure voice calls from within their Teams client, even with non-Teams contacts. The solution is scalable and allows for all the elements of your business to operate in one place, with an integrated phone system for a fixed per user per month cost, cementing Teams' position as your single pane of glass for productivity. The solution is supported by our service desk, with ongoing updates, and can be implemented in as little as 48 hours to get users connected quickly. 

Next steps

Long after the world has returned to "normality" after Covid-19, organisations will need a cloud-based remote working strategy that is flexible, secure and allows teams and individuals to work from anywhere. Simply, it's the future of work and the foundation of the modern workplace. Communication and collaboration hubs like Microsoft Teams are integral to this. For a limited time, Core is offering FREE licences and calls for our Teams Unified Communications Solution to make working from home easier and more effective. You can learn more about the solution here or click below to ask us for your free licences and get started now.

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