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New Ways to Work - the world is ready

By Louise Mahrra

Eamon McGann, Client Solutions Director at Core Technology Systems, has been talking to clients about the modern workplace for nearly 30 years. But Core’s ‘Inspiring a Modern Workplace’ event in London in December felt qualitatively different to its chair — in a very encouraging way:

“I’m used to presenting about new worlds of work, and I am used, to be blunt, to seeing a level of cynicism about what that means”

Now there’s a noticeable shift. “We’re used to working hard with customers to say, guys, this tech is here, you’ve got to use for the following reasons… but now, they’re saying, ‘we know the cool new tools are here. We know we have to use them. How do we use them?’”

A shift in mindset for a new decade


Organisations are increasingly making the shift in mindset to embracing cloud-based collaboration, and the education they need now is in how to implement it. Embracing what sustained adoption will look like, and wanting to know how to adopt the learning culture needed to change the ways they work.

The buy-in is there, at all levels, and it’s just coming from IT, as McGann explained, reflecting on a recent meeting with a new client: “We had almost all the key business leaders from this public sector organisation, the key managers and department owners — they really felt that now, email could be a thing of the past, that they could break away from Outlook, and create an environment for their staff where they could genuinely be more remote, more agile, more productive.”

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